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1. How do I get a new street light in front of my house?
2. How do I get permit to remove a tree?
3. How do I know when my street will be swept?
4. How do I make reservations in park for a birthday party?
5. How do I report a street light that is not working?
6. I just moved in, whom do I contact to get new water service?
7. My garbage / recycling bin didn’t get picked up today. How can I rectify this?
8. My sewer is backing up. Whom can I contact for help?
9. Where can we take unwanted household items like furniture / sofa?
10. Where do I call for wild or dead animals?
11. Where do I get free compost?
12. Where do I get sandbags?
13. Where do I report graffiti issues?
14. Where do I report illegal dumping?
15. Where do I report potholes?
16. Whom do I contact when my street is flooded?