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Rent Stabilization FAQ

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1. Are utility and other housing service fees included in the Maximum Allowable Rent?
2. How are Initial Certificates of Maximum Allowable Rents (MARs) determined?
3. What is an Initial Certificate of Maximum Allowable Rent ("MAR")?
4. Can I be charged a City registration fee of $9.75 in addition to my rent?
5. When and how much can my landlord raise my rent?
6. What is an Annual General Adjustment (“AGA”) and how is it to be used to raise rents?
7. What does it mean to “bank” an AGA for future rent increases?
8. Why send notices to tenants about rents, discounts provided, and fees charged by their landlord?
9. How to Secure Compliance with East Palo Alto’s Rent Control Protections