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Measure C Large/Small Grant Info

MEASURE C - 2007 Crime Fighting Act Fund


In 2006, voters of East Palo Alto (EPA), approved the Crime Fighting Act Fund of 2007, better known as Measure C, a parcel tax purposed to establish funds to provide programs with a crime and violence prevention intent. The measure was established for a 10 year period (2007-2017).

*Vision: sustaining an environment where neighborhoods are safe and families are free of violence and crime.
*Mission: the community will work together to enhance services and programs to prevent violence and crime.

Measure C Ordinance 298

Measure C Strategic Work Plan (2011-2017)

Measure C Grant Program

Measure C funds are designated for community based non-profit - registered with the IRS as 501(c)(3) organizations-programs designed to reduce violence with an emphasis on youth, ex-felons (formerly incarcerated individuals), victims of domestic violence, seniors, and families (known as Violence Prevention allocation). 

Since 2007 Measure C Funds have been to distributed to community based organizations that provide critically needed professional services to children, youth, families, seniors, the formerly incarcerated, and victim’s assistance whose mission through their work supports the City’s strategic goals to prevent and reduce violence. To date, the City Council has awarded over $2 million to more than 60 projects/programs run by Community Based Organizations (CBO's) and Non Profit Organizations (NPO's) with Measure C funds to promote a healthier, safer community free of violence and crime. 

The Measure C Grant Program has two funding categories, Large Collaborative Grants and Small Grants. The Large Grants Program focuses on organizational collaborations to address violence prevention through service to children, youth, families, seniors, and the formerly incarcerated, highlighted in the strategy areas described below. Grant awards in this category are typically for more than $20,000 and up to $163,333 in each strategy area. The small grants program distributes $54,500 awarding funding for short-term programs in amounts not to exceed $15,000 and that typically focus on summer programming.  

Measure C Evaluation 
Conducted by Bright Research Group
(More evaluation information can be found on the "Measure C Oversight Committee" page.)
Preliminary Report, Retrospective Study of Grantees, 2009-2013
Secondary Report Study of Grantees, 2013-2015

 Organization Amount
 Aim High  $16,000
 Canopy  $22,500
 Community Legal Services East Palo Alto (CLSEPA)  $2,500
 East Palo Alto Greyhounds  $22,500
 Free at Last (FAL)  $22,500
 Fresh Approach (formerly Collective Roots)  $22,500
 New Creation Home Ministries (NCHM)  $16,000
 St. Francis of Assisi  $22,500

2018 Measure C Small Grant Awardees2018-19 Measure C Large Grant Awardees

 Organization  Amount
 Able Works Collaborative  $100,000
 Catholic Charities Collaborative   $25,000
 East Palo Alto Greyhounds Collaborative  $25,000
 Job Train Collaborative  $100,000
 Men of Purpose (MOP) Collaborative  $100,000
 One East Palo Alto (OEPA) Collaborative  $100,000
 Project We Hope (PWH) Collaborative  $100,000
 Youth Community Service (YCS) Collaborative  $120,000

Maurice Baker- Interim Administrative Grants Coordinator
City of East Palo Alto, City Manager’s Office
2415 University Ave, 2nd Floor 
East Palo Alto, CA. 94303
Phone: (650) 853-3132 

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