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Tenant Workshops
                                                   Tenant Workshops Coming Soon!

                                           Check back later in the month of November 2017!

Tenant Basics


Tenant Advanced


Gain a basic understanding of the 1988 and 2010 Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and your rights and responsibilities as Landlord


Increase your knowledge on landlord/tenant laws, the Rent Stabilization Program (RSP) Rent Stabilization Board (RSB)


DATES: Coming Soon 

Topics Covered:



DATES:  Coming Soon

Topics Covered:


What to expect as a tenant renting in EPA, limits on rent increases, security deposits, MAR Certificates Just cause for eviction, eviction procedures, legal tools and resources to protect yourself from being evicted and what to do if you are served with an eviction
Minimum maintenance standards, loss of housing services, and rent overcharges, tenant petitions, mediation sessions Tenant harassment, filing a petition and understanding the process
Understanding your rights as a tenant , and your landlord/property manager requirements and responsibilities Understanding the Rent Stabilization Board (RSB) and Rent Stabilization Program (RSP) Functions and Procedures
Notices, Forms, Fees and time requirements  Annual General Adjustment  (AGA)Process
 Repairs, code compliance, temporary relocation  Ellis Act, Costa-Hawkins Act and Petris Act
 Community Resources for Tenants  What’s happening now, and what’s next?

                                                                     Light refreshments will be provided