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Community for Seniors (55 and older)

Welcome to the Senior's Page 

Here is what's going on for Seniors in East Palo Alto...

Senior Lifesytles Expo: EPA Seniors on the Move

Research shows that greatest challenge to the safety and security of seniors and the elderly is isolation. This event is funded by the City of East Palo Alto Measure C Crime Fighting Act of 2007. The EPA Senior Lifestyles Expo is an event that's a unique hybrid of information, resources and entertainment, all geared toward satisfying and enhancing the lives of ageing adults and those that support them.

Senior Lunch Program

The Senior Nutrition Program provides a nutritious lunch to adults 60 years of age or older. The program seeks to reduce the isolation of older adults by providing these meals in a social setting. We encourage all mobile, active, older adults to join us for the nutritious lunch. The meals are great, and the social environment is even better! 

Lunch is served daily from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Senior Center located at:

560 Bell Street, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

For more information contact Titus Uelese at (650) 272-9228 or by email.

            Senior Advisory Committee Meetings

The purpose of the Senior Advisory Committee is to encourage, foster, facilitate, establish and purpose programs and services which enhance the social, economic, recreational, cultural, and personal well being of the city's senior population. The City Council has asked the Senior Advisory Committee to:
  • Recommend the establishment of programs which stimulate and encourage the development and maintenance of senior programs and services in the City and to review such programs as are established
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the funding of senior programs and services that operate within the city for the benefit of the city's senior population
  • Review and make recommendations regarding seniors' special housing needs
  • Advise the council and other boards and committees of the city regarding matters that affect the city's senior populations

  • Number of Members: 9
  • Number of Alternates: 1

Dixie-Lee Specht-Schulz, Chair                     Seat 3   Term Expires: 5/31/2020
Ola Anderson- Augmon, Parliamentarian      Seat 1   Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Jeffrey Austin                                                 Seat 9  Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Gemma Barceló                                             Seat 2  Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Shirley Morton, Secretary                              Seat 8  Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Ruth Cossey                                                  Seat 4  Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Michael Francois                                           Seat 5  Term Expires: 5/31/2020
Isaac Stevenson Jr., Vice Chair                     Seat 7  Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Stanley K. Yim                                               Seat 6 Term Expires: 5/31/2022
Gail Wilkerson - Alternate                            Seat 10  Term Expires  5/31/2020 

Meetings Schedule

The Senior Advisory Committee meets on the 1st Wednesday of the even numbered months from 6:00-7:30 P.M. at The Government Center, 2415 University Avenue, Council Chambers, East Palo Alto, CA 94303 unless otherwise noted.